Assisting Holeshot PR in managing their clients social media, through content creation & scheduling. We have attended events such as British Superbikes & Motorcycle Live with Holeshot PR to capture content.

Harley Stephens said “Studio Flamingo went above and beyond gathering content for our clients at Motorcycle Live on numerous occasions. Easy to work with and delivering excellent results, from video to stills and everything in between.”

Capturing photo & video for their event nights & creating content for their social media, Studio Flamingo also creates engaging printed materials for Truth, as well as their sister company, Base, where we re-designed their menu.

Alan Seath said “Having the ability to pitch an imaged idea and have it transformed into both printed work & photo/video content, that correlates perfectly with one another, has made it extremely easy to advertise the company. Frazer allows for both to be done at ease and in a very timely manner.”

Studio Flamingo was commissioned to capture creative shots detailing the more expensive alcohol of the company’s upcoming auction, capturing all the different colours of liquid and handling the expensive bottles.

The marketing team said ” Your attention to detail and meticulous approach to the shoot was nothing short of impressive. Each shot was carefully composed and expertly lit.”  

Studio Flamingo was commissioned to capture high-quality interior shots for this AirBnB based in St. Andrews. 

As well as capturing the interior shots, we also took a video walkthrough and some short clips for use on their social media accounts & website.

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